Tuesday, 30 July 2013


This beach town in the Algarve region is one of Portugal's most popular destinations, and for good reason; with it's 18th century walls surrounding the old town of cobblestone roads, animated plazas, picturesque beaches and intoxicating nightlife, it's an absolute heaven on earth. To add to that visual orgasm, Lagos offers countless day activities. We opted for surfing, a booze cruise with a grotto tour and a trip to one of the many beaches.


While Madrid may not boast world known monuments or history comparable to other capitals of Europe, it's Spanish charm and atmosphere certainly top the competition. This cosmopolitan city brings together some of Spain's best aspects: delectable food, rich culture, fascinating history and a laid back lifestyle.

Saturday, 27 July 2013


As part of our interest in visiting Morocco on an organized day-trip, we had to be located along Spain's southern coast. Malaga made it's way onto our radar as it could be easily reached by train and was a central pick-up point for the Morocco tour. 


Our day-trip to Morocco was the combined last-minute result of having a couple travel days to fill and realizing how geographically close Southern Spain was to Northern Africa. After a little investigation, we booked a day-trip tour and were deliriously excited.   


As I write this blog post, we exhaustingly await for our train at the Valencia station. Thinking we somehow had all the time in the world,  we managed to miss our first train. It was one of those perfect movie scenes where we realized we had only 9 minutes till departure and quite the distance to walk. We began sprinting with our 16kg backpacks on our back and school bags on our tummies - the traditional backpacker look. Women watched us run by cafes, while old men cheered us on screaming "Correr! Correr!" We got to the platform just as the train pulled away. Of course we didn't just miss that train but would also miss our connecting train and the cost of seat reservations on both. Well, missing a train was bound to happen...I suppose.

Thursday, 25 July 2013


Hugged between the glistening mediterranean, crashing on golden beaches(albeit artificial) and forest-covered hills(which provide picture-perfect panoramic viewpoints), Barcelona has many satisfying sights to soak in. Between the midday siestas and nighttime fiestas, the diverse and richly cultured Catalan city has much to fill your heated days.


Ibiza could roughly be explained as the lovechild of Vegas and the Caribbean; nights you won't remember but never forget and days spent recovering pool or beachside, with a fancy and incredibly over-priced cocktail. Disclaimer: we were not living that luxuriously.